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Movie Cartoonizer 1.0

Convert movies into cartoon-like animations with support for AVI, MPEG and WMV
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Simplifies the converting process of movies to cartoon-like versions. Supports movie loading from different sources and applies the same techniques as the Photo to Cartoon tool.

For those of us who still enjoy watching a good animation movie but have very few or no drawing skills whatsoever, Movie Cartoonizer is that kind of tool you can easily fall in love with. After a brief conversion process, you will be impressed with the superior quality and colors of the resulting movie. The output video can be edited frame by frame, and saved in GIF, WMV or AVI, while you can use any AVI, MPEG, WMV, and ASF video file as input.

The resulting effect is certainly mesmerizing, as long as you like the type of cartoons that the program produces. The colors in the cartooned movie are more on the pastel side than the original ones, and most of the fine details are lost in the process. The result is perfect for me – as I am a fan of this type of drawings and cartoons - but it is true that it does not work equally well for all movies, especially those whose plot relies on fine details or very small objects.

The level of details can be customized and increased, colors can be boosted up to look brighter and livelier, and the images can be made to look crispier, but even with the most aggressive settings, this type of cartooned images never quite lose that blurry effect that wipes details and clear lines away.

The process itself is simple and easy, and the editing functionality available does not require a high degree of expertise, though the whole interaction with the program would clearly benefit from a better structured interface.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Impressive results in just a few seconds
  • Editing capabilities


  • The interface offers room for improvement
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